Created back in 2017 by incredibly talented Lebanese designer Hala, Cecilehob is a chic Dubai-based fashion label with a bohemian touch. Apart from ready-to-wear, the brand is also known for its modern take on the modest fashion and exquisite handmade leather accessories. Cecilehob is where craftsmanship meets comfort in a luxurious blend.


Hala comes from extensive experience working in Europe with luxury fashion brands like Fendi, Dior, Hermes and many others. She has translated her personal passion for clothes and diverse international experience in fashion into truly unique and distinctive brand that offer both comfort and elegance.


The collections include both traditional modest wear with its modern twist for modern woman who seek individuality in their style and also ready-to-wear collections that combines simplicity, comfort and bohemian feel.


The brand is offering an absolute glamorous set of accessories that include handmade leather slippers which became a bestseller around the world and python leather pouches and belts.


Explore the range of modern womenswear and express yourself in your own unique way.